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Your website is your“storefront.”

You should put as much thought into your virtual storefront as you would to the front window display at a traditional store on Main Street. Your website needs to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

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video productions

 This is an effective tool for you to showcase all the special features your facility offers. Whether it is the beautiful linen, the scrumptious cuisine or just the breathtaking surroundings. An effective medium in making visitors feel like they’re already part of your facility, enjoying all you have to offer.  

Video Production can be utilised to further promote your facility with an unbroken view of your facility incorporating music, sound effects and narration. A visual platform to tell and show visitors what they can expect and experience from your facility.

 We offer our customers a variety of hosting solutions, packaged to meet their basic needs at a fixed monthly fee and also the option of a complete customized solution for specific requirements being, database, application, storage, video, audio, etc.

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Who we are
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Clearmark is a team of experts who facilitate custom visual communication packages according to their customers needs. We know that not all businesses are the same and that is why we do an in depth study of your company and the services you offer before we propose a course of action. We specialize in the retail industry that includes malls and shopping centres, to offer you a unique communication tool, to reach the vast resource of prospective visitors out there.

Through our visual communication tools, one of them being Virtual Tours of your facility we give prospective visitors a glimpse and a feel of your facility. Using the internet and all it’s potential to ultimately benefit your business. Research has proven that international markets only utilize the internet as a source for holiday destinations in South Africa.

Taking this into consideration we know that you have to make a statement from the first second they come into contact with your facility, and we aim to make you stand out in the crowd. We see every company as their own brand and that is why we offer products like corporate branding, graphic design and online multimedia.

We give you the customer the power to promote your company by updating and editing your company’s website. Updating new events and interesting facts as they happen, as often as you like. Who better to know what they want to tell people about their company than you.